Monday, 17 April 2017

Sunday Catch Up #3

Yes I know it's Monday but it's also Easter (sticks tongue out)

What a busy week it has been! On Monday I turned 25 so that evening I went to watch the Everton under 23's...theres certainly some talent there and i'm not just talking about their skills ;) Then on Tuesday I went for a meal after work with my family and then on Wednesday I met up with 2 of my longest friends and went for dinner with them too. As you can tell this week has not been a great one for the healthy eating. (its my birthday thoooooo)

This weekend my boyfriend flew over and we spent 2 nights in the gorgeous Raddison hotel in Liverpool. What an amazing time we had. We went for a walk around the Albert dock, done a spot of shopping in and around Liverpool One and then had a few drinks in our hotel and then headed out again on Saturday for more drinks. So you could say it was a great drunken weekend. Time to detox now haha. Today I managed to land myself in A&E as I can't feel my left leg, I can walk ok which is the strange thing but it is very weak. The doctor had no idea what is wrong and apparently I should get some feeling back in the next couple of days, so we'll wait and see.

Work has been busy this week. We've all been taking on extra jobs until the replacement starts in May. So things are busy but i'm still loving it. Such a good laugh with all the guys, what a great bunch.

I'm still watching my Criminal minds but unfortunately I havn't had the chance to join in any twitter chats this past week. I really enjoy these chats and getting to know everyone. I also have failed on keeping up with my blog this week...I am so so sorry, However it has been my birthday and i've had an extremely busy week! So all the planned posts will be up this week instead.

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