Sunday, 9 April 2017

Sunday Catch Up #2

Good afternoon beautiful people, another week over. I cant believe we're in April, its a joke!! What have you lovelies been up to this week?

This week was my first week alone in my new job without my trainer and wow! What a week. I feel like i've settled in so well and to be honest it actually feels like i've been there years. I get on so well with everyone and my boss is amazing. She bought us all easter eggs and a round of drinks...all for nothing.  I really am loving it there, so so happy.

I havn't really done much else this week. I don't know what it is but i'm always so cold and tired when I get home from work and I just want to shower, get in my pj's and watch my Criminal minds....yes i'm still addicted! I need to start pulling myself together and getting things done after work. I joined in a couple of chats this week and I have to say my most favourite chat is #GRLPOWR which is on Tuesday at 9pm, Thursday at 8pm and Sunday at 9pm. My second favourite has to be #TeacupClub which is ran Monday at 5pm, Wednesday at 7pm and Sunday at 5pm. I really want to join another couple of chats so i'll see what happens.

Hasn't the weather been gorgeous this weekend? Just needs to be a bit warmer though. I took my granny out for a walk yesterday and we went for a nice cuppa at a little cafe just up the road from her nursing home. I have to say i'm definitely a sun worshiper.

Unfortunately my mental health has been slowly getting worse again over the past few weeks so i've made an appointment with the doctor and i'll hopefully be able to get my medication changed. Life is such a struggle. When i'm in work i'm fine because I love it, I have such a laugh with everyone I work with but its when I get home and thats when my mood just drops its like having a switch that someone flicks as soon as I get through the door. Thats why nearly every night after I shower I jump into bed and watch Criminal minds because I get so into it that it takes my mind off life and whats going on.

Its my birthday tomorrow!!!! 25 i'll be! Or half way to 50 as my sister likes to remind me. The gorgeous white roses in the above picture was a surprise that I came home to on Saturday from Ryan for my birthday. Next weekend he is coming over from Belfast and we've booked two nights in a gorgeous hotel in Liverpool. So i'm really looking forward to seeing him and getting some time together. So my Sunday catch up will probably be on Monday next week but hopefully you can forgive me :)

Anyway i'm off out for tea now to celebrate my 'milestone' with my family because i'm going to football straight after work tomorrow lol. What better way to spend my birthday than watching my boys in blue - Everton. Its actually the under 23's so hopefully there will be some young talents that will soon be in the first team.

As always throughout the week i'm on twitter and IG everyday so you can come say hi if you want. I hope you enjoy this weeks upcoming posts...

See you soon
Natalie xx


  1. Yay I'm so happy that you're loving your new job and Happy Birthday! I hope you can get your mental health back under control at least you're doing all the the right things by going and seeing your doctor and not letting it go on unnoticed. I'm not sure what it is you suffer with but I found the App headspace to be super helpful with my anxiety, they offer a 10 day free trial that you could check out. xx have a lovely week and good luck with everything xx


  2. Thank you Sophia! I suffer with depression and anxiety unfortunately. Oh really? I'll have to give that a go, thanks for the advice girlie xxx


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