Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Review: Stunning Cosmetics

Hey Ho! i'm here with a review of a fake tan that I was kindly sent by stunning cosmetics. Stunning cosmetics kindly contacted me on twitter and asked me would I like to review their fake tan. Of course I couldn't say no, I mean i'm all for a nice glow and i'm eager to find out the most natural tan on the market.

They kindly provided me with a mitt also, to apply the tan. Now let me tell you about this mitt. It is no ordinary mitt, to me this is the softest tanning mitt I have ever used. Unlike all my other tanning mitt's this one is quite a thick foam pad and is extremely soft. not gonna lie I just wanted to carry on rubbing my body with it, its as soft as a blanket. I don't know how its possible but it is!

As for the tan, this is an instant tanning mousse which takes 8 hours to develop properly, so ideal for either a quick fix or an intense tanning evening. The tan went on very smoothly and quite easily. Once I had finished applying it, the colour was a lovely natural glow so I was skeptical as to what it would be like after 8 hours. I went to bed and woke up expecting to look like Donald Trump, though to my surprise it was still a lovely natural colour. Unfortunately though there was that 'fake tan' smell which does put me off, even after showering there was still a slight smell there.

As the week went on my body remained to have that natural glow. However as the began to fade it did go patchy in certain areas such as my ankles and my feet, but when it was time to scrub it off it came off with no problems.
Overall I would definitely purchase this tan and probably use it as a top up tan or a back up. However the mitt is a must have in my life!!!

Do you have a favourite fake tan?
Natalie xx

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  1. I want to start tanning so might look into this one! Thanks :D xx
    Sophia //


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