Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Skin Update, HELP

Hello beauts. Now I know this wasn't planned or is in the schedule but I really need your help!
*Starts singing Ed...Oh i'm a mess right now.....

I am completely addicted to skincare, probably slightly more than makeup, but right now my skin is not playing ball. Does anyone else see all these skincare posts and get so overwhelmed about whats best and what works? So many girls swear by certain products or brands. I see so many products that I want to try but right now my skin is a mess. I don't know what it is but over the past few weeks its become so sensitive and i've now a couple of breakouts. After applying products my face started stinging and I honestly am not sure if thats normal or what.

I started trying out a new toner which I got in one of my beauty boxes and I love it. Its the Nuxe Gentle toner infused with rose petals and it seems to be the only thing that doesn't sting my face right now. My face is so pigmented at the min too. Like it becomes so red and sore. I just don't know what to try or whats best to do. I love Kiehl's and Elemis but i'm up for trying anything. I really could do with Caroline Hirons staying with me for a while haha I'm wondering do I need to start using products for sensitive skin? Anything thats infused with rose petals or rose water. I've always had such dry skin but obviously our skin changes over time.

I need a full new routine to get my skin back on track. Like I said the only two products I love at the min is the Nuxe toner and the Kiehl's avacado eye cream. Being a beauty blogger and the problems i've already had this week this is not what I need right now. I just want to get my skin back on track, get myself a routine going and then hopefully I can start reviewing products again.

I literally just want to scream after this week!!!! Please help! I just any tips and help possible.
Thank you so much in advance
Love Natalie xx


Sunday, 23 April 2017

Sunday Catch Up #4

Sooooo how gorgeous has it been this weekend? I love the sun! You could say i'm a complete sun worshiper. I just think it makes everyone so much happier and I definitely feel lifted. :)

So how have you all been this week? Unfortunately this week hasn't been the greatest for me. As you already probably know I have paid two visits to a&e this week. I strangely have no feeling in my lower left leg. After pulling a few shapes for the doctor, he thinks that one of the discs in my back is slightly twisted and is nipping a nerve which has dulled the sensation in my leg. I also have to go for an MRI scan to see what it shows and then hopefully they can help me. The pain in my back is constant and i'm not allowed to do any exercise until the MRI scan which isn't good, I can just see myself getting bigger gradually and then this adds to my mental health so unfortunately its a vicious circle at the moment. I'm also not allowed to sit with my legs crossed which again is extremely hard and I have to keep reminding myself lol. Otherwise i'm doing okay haha

I know this week has been a whirlwind and I havn't stuck to my schedule and to be honest i'm not sure I will this week either, although I will try my best. I don't know whats going on but I just seem to be all over the place atm, with my blog, my life, everything. I come home from work and I just have no time, by the time I get showered, have tea and sit down, i'm ready for bed. I miss taking part in twitter chats, i've so many blogs to read and catch up on. I just can't seem to get anything done or get myself into a routine. Add into that going to visit my granny every night too. I'm so close to my granny so I love going down most nights to see her.

To be honest as you could have guessed I havn't had a chance to watch a lot this week. I've literally just realised, whilst writing this, that sky have taken criminal minds off demand. What the hell do I do now??!!!!???? Theres a few things I need to watch on Netflix too. Has anyone watched 13 Reasons yet?

So sorry this post has been more of a rant than anything but its just a little update :)
If you have or know of any posts about managing routines please link them below. This week on the blog I have a skincare update and i'd love your help as i'm just in a bit of a mix up lol. Bloodyhell i'm not a very good blogger am I? I can't do much right now can I? lol Maybe I should just give up haha

Hope everyones okay :)
Love Natalie xx

Thursday, 20 April 2017

Because I'm All About That Base, 'Bout That Base

You re-read that title and sang it didn't you? YEAHHHH GIRLLLLLLLL!!! Here we are again with another review. This week its all about my favourite foundation at the mo (thats why its all about that base!??!!! get it ;) good huh?) Okay so anyway yes here is it the Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation and Concealer all in one.

The packaging is a clear glass bottle with a screw lid. Instead of a pump I was a bit weary when I found out it was a wand. After using it for the first few times I was quite pleased and became used to the different application. I do like this idea because i've learnt that the amount of product that is on the wand is the right amount to cover my face without needing anymore.

 The concept of this foundation is that it has a concealer mixed into the foundation and therefore covers all the redness, spots or dark circles without needing another product. Perfect for travelling. This foundation gives a dewy finish which is great for people like me with dry skin. The coverage I would say is medium to full. It covers any redness and spots that i have without giving that cakey look which I bloody hate!

This foundation is not badly priced either. You can buy it in Boots or Debenhams or any Clinique stockist. It is £25 in both Boots and Debenhams. Also don't forget you can collect points at both these stores which really means you can treat yourself to even more beauty items in the long run. Its a win win situation.

Have you tried this foundation? If not, go get it, you'll not be disappointed!
Whats your favourite foundations for spring?
Natalie xx

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

My Watch Collection

Hey beauts! How are you all? Today I'm gonna chat about my ever growing watch collection.

Now lets go back to when I was a teenager and didn't really care about what I wore or what accessories I had, pretty much a tomboy. God knows what I was thinking. A handbag? you must be joking! Anyway fast forward a few years into my late teenage years where i'm starting to buy more jewellery and handbags and even care what I wore and looked like, yet still never wore a watch. Move on another couple of years and Michael Kors watches blew up in the world. After that I was sold.

For my 21st birthday my boyfriend bought me my first ever watch which of course had to be Michael Kors, and from then I have been obsessed with watches ever since.  Michael Kors soon became overhyped and too many people was wearing it. So I went and  bought myself an Olivia Burton watch. Now when it came to choosing which one I was like a kid in a sweet shop. I just wanted very one of them. From the plain faces to rose gold faces, to different coloured straps and different faces with designs on. I just couldn't choose. So eventually I decided on the plain white face with a tan strap (goes with everything as my mother would say) but I knew I would soon be back for more.

As I knew it didn't stop there. The Olivia Burton collection of watches are is just so beautiful. They are so elegant and very comfy to wear on the wrist. They have a face for every day of the month and a different strap to match. Before I knew it I was back choosing my fourth watch.

I am now a proud owner of 1 Micheal Kors and 4 Olivia Burton watches. My collection will definitely not stop there as I think i've caught the watch bug off my boyfriend. Theres nothing nicer than looking down and seeing such a beautiful product on your wrist. If your like me and usually use your phone to check the time then hey its a gorgeous accessory to wear.


Do you have a favourite watch brand?
Love Natalie xx

Monday, 17 April 2017

Sunday Catch Up #3

Yes I know it's Monday but it's also Easter (sticks tongue out)

What a busy week it has been! On Monday I turned 25 so that evening I went to watch the Everton under 23's...theres certainly some talent there and i'm not just talking about their skills ;) Then on Tuesday I went for a meal after work with my family and then on Wednesday I met up with 2 of my longest friends and went for dinner with them too. As you can tell this week has not been a great one for the healthy eating. (its my birthday thoooooo)

This weekend my boyfriend flew over and we spent 2 nights in the gorgeous Raddison hotel in Liverpool. What an amazing time we had. We went for a walk around the Albert dock, done a spot of shopping in and around Liverpool One and then had a few drinks in our hotel and then headed out again on Saturday for more drinks. So you could say it was a great drunken weekend. Time to detox now haha. Today I managed to land myself in A&E as I can't feel my left leg, I can walk ok which is the strange thing but it is very weak. The doctor had no idea what is wrong and apparently I should get some feeling back in the next couple of days, so we'll wait and see.

Work has been busy this week. We've all been taking on extra jobs until the replacement starts in May. So things are busy but i'm still loving it. Such a good laugh with all the guys, what a great bunch.

I'm still watching my Criminal minds but unfortunately I havn't had the chance to join in any twitter chats this past week. I really enjoy these chats and getting to know everyone. I also have failed on keeping up with my blog this week...I am so so sorry, However it has been my birthday and i've had an extremely busy week! So all the planned posts will be up this week instead.

Sunday, 9 April 2017

Sunday Catch Up #2

Good afternoon beautiful people, another week over. I cant believe we're in April, its a joke!! What have you lovelies been up to this week?

This week was my first week alone in my new job without my trainer and wow! What a week. I feel like i've settled in so well and to be honest it actually feels like i've been there years. I get on so well with everyone and my boss is amazing. She bought us all easter eggs and a round of drinks...all for nothing.  I really am loving it there, so so happy.

I havn't really done much else this week. I don't know what it is but i'm always so cold and tired when I get home from work and I just want to shower, get in my pj's and watch my Criminal minds....yes i'm still addicted! I need to start pulling myself together and getting things done after work. I joined in a couple of chats this week and I have to say my most favourite chat is #GRLPOWR which is on Tuesday at 9pm, Thursday at 8pm and Sunday at 9pm. My second favourite has to be #TeacupClub which is ran Monday at 5pm, Wednesday at 7pm and Sunday at 5pm. I really want to join another couple of chats so i'll see what happens.

Hasn't the weather been gorgeous this weekend? Just needs to be a bit warmer though. I took my granny out for a walk yesterday and we went for a nice cuppa at a little cafe just up the road from her nursing home. I have to say i'm definitely a sun worshiper.

Unfortunately my mental health has been slowly getting worse again over the past few weeks so i've made an appointment with the doctor and i'll hopefully be able to get my medication changed. Life is such a struggle. When i'm in work i'm fine because I love it, I have such a laugh with everyone I work with but its when I get home and thats when my mood just drops its like having a switch that someone flicks as soon as I get through the door. Thats why nearly every night after I shower I jump into bed and watch Criminal minds because I get so into it that it takes my mind off life and whats going on.

Its my birthday tomorrow!!!! 25 i'll be! Or half way to 50 as my sister likes to remind me. The gorgeous white roses in the above picture was a surprise that I came home to on Saturday from Ryan for my birthday. Next weekend he is coming over from Belfast and we've booked two nights in a gorgeous hotel in Liverpool. So i'm really looking forward to seeing him and getting some time together. So my Sunday catch up will probably be on Monday next week but hopefully you can forgive me :)

Anyway i'm off out for tea now to celebrate my 'milestone' with my family because i'm going to football straight after work tomorrow lol. What better way to spend my birthday than watching my boys in blue - Everton. Its actually the under 23's so hopefully there will be some young talents that will soon be in the first team.

As always throughout the week i'm on twitter and IG everyday so you can come say hi if you want. I hope you enjoy this weeks upcoming posts...

See you soon
Natalie xx

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Review: Stunning Cosmetics

Hey Ho! i'm here with a review of a fake tan that I was kindly sent by stunning cosmetics. Stunning cosmetics kindly contacted me on twitter and asked me would I like to review their fake tan. Of course I couldn't say no, I mean i'm all for a nice glow and i'm eager to find out the most natural tan on the market.

They kindly provided me with a mitt also, to apply the tan. Now let me tell you about this mitt. It is no ordinary mitt, to me this is the softest tanning mitt I have ever used. Unlike all my other tanning mitt's this one is quite a thick foam pad and is extremely soft. not gonna lie I just wanted to carry on rubbing my body with it, its as soft as a blanket. I don't know how its possible but it is!

As for the tan, this is an instant tanning mousse which takes 8 hours to develop properly, so ideal for either a quick fix or an intense tanning evening. The tan went on very smoothly and quite easily. Once I had finished applying it, the colour was a lovely natural glow so I was skeptical as to what it would be like after 8 hours. I went to bed and woke up expecting to look like Donald Trump, though to my surprise it was still a lovely natural colour. Unfortunately though there was that 'fake tan' smell which does put me off, even after showering there was still a slight smell there.

As the week went on my body remained to have that natural glow. However as the began to fade it did go patchy in certain areas such as my ankles and my feet, but when it was time to scrub it off it came off with no problems.
Overall I would definitely purchase this tan and probably use it as a top up tan or a back up. However the mitt is a must have in my life!!!

Do you have a favourite fake tan?
Natalie xx

Sunday, 2 April 2017

Sunday Catch Up #1

Well look who it is! Yes i'm back! I'm so sorry that over the past month or so I've been on and off with my blog and thats really all down to my mental health and also my new job as a receptionist which I am loving so far. So I just wanted to give myself a break and get into my new routine etc before I started stressing again over my blog. Anyway I am back and I promise i'm here to stay!!!  God i've missed it. Even just taking part in twitter chats or things like that, let alone writing posts and photographing products.

To start myself back into blogging i've decided to do a new series on my blog called 'The Sunday Catch Up'. Here I will post every Sunday about what i've been getting up to during the week. How my week has gone, what i've been watching/listening to and really just a general chit chat which I hope you are going to enjoy. I'm also going to start a blog schedule so here it is:

Sunday - Catch Up From The Previous Week

Tuesday - Review

Thursday - Haul/Favourites/Lifestyle etc

So how are you all? This week was my second week of training in my new job and so far I am loving it. I'm a receptionist at a large printing firm in Preston. I've had two weeks training so tomorrow is my first day on my own and its expected to be a busy one so i'm a bit anxious about it, but everyone I work with is lovely and will be able to help out.

Don't shout, I havn't been to the gym in about 3 weeks! (I know...*head in hands) I've just been so busy trying to get a routine started with my life. Which I still havn't managed to figure out so if you have any tips with juggling a 9-5 job, visiting my granny then adding in the gym, give me a shout! Oh and not to mention the blog! I'm really struggling with it all. I've no posts planned, pics taken or anything done, and when I get home from work i'm so tired after looking at a screen all day that I just want to relax. I miss blogging so much though.

This week i've been listening to the lovely Ed on my way to work and home again. What an album and who doesn't love Ed?!? I've also been binge watching Criminal Minds when I can, I absolutely love this show. Its all about a team who work together to solve murders but they look at the behaviour side and put together a profile. So they look at why would this person be a victim, how have they been killed, where was the body dumped and they use all this information and create a profile of the killer who is then caught. Its so addictive, you have to give it a go! If you know of any other crime series like this, let me know in the comments! I love a good murder haha

Yesterday I went shopping because 1. its my first pay day (at long last) and 2. I really needed more workwear. This is something i'm now struggling with. Before I wore a tunic in the nursing home, navy trousers and trainers but now I can wear make up, have my nails done, wear jewellery, heels, its like a whole new life for me, i'm so happy haha. So yesterday I bought a lovely dress in H&M and a couple of blouses. I think i'm going to have a sneeky look on Jewellerybox.co.uk because I know they have some lovely pieces. I also bought myself some heels which i can't wait to start wearing, i'm gonna feel so grown up haha. If you have any workwear idea's, you got it, let me know in the comments below.

So thats it really for today. Let me know if you're liking the idea of 'the Sunday catch up' or not. I'll let you know on my social media how tomorrow goes in work as my first day on my own...eeeeeekkkkkkkkk! What are your plans for the week ahead?

Love Natalie xx
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