Wednesday, 15 March 2017

An Afternoon With My Miracle Worker

For as long as I remember my hair has been the bane of my life. Ever since I was born I was unfortunately blessed with thick, knotty, curly, frizzy hair. Growing up I was bullied in primary and secondary school because of this, it was basically a bush on my skull. It was horrendous. As i've grown older I have done whatever I can to get rid of this bush and try to attempt to calm it down as such. I've been to numerous hairdressers, all of which have made a point of telling me what a nuisance my hair is to them and acted like I was a problem which added to my upset with my hair. A few years ago I remembered about a friend of my family's who was a hairdresser and was also in the year above me in primary school. So I got in touch and here we are.

Christina has been an absolute miracle worker (hence the title). Instead of treating me like a problem, Christina treats me like a challenge and loves to throw ideas at me of what we can do with my mop. We started off with a Brazillian blowdry which didn't work, so we moved onto a Keratain treatment, this also didn't work so we are now attempting a Nano-Keratain treatment. So far it works wonders. I have the treatment done and then for the following three days I'm not allowed to get my hair wet or put it in a bobble so this allows the treatment to settle and work itself into the hair. What a difference it makes. For someone who has absolutely hated their hair ever since I was born and to get to this is such a miracle. I know i keep using that word but nothing else describes it. After having the treatment done I honestly feel like a new woman. The joy of having it done is unreal. I can actually straighten my hair then without any problems or do many different hairstyles. As women we all know what its like when you've had your hair done, we feel a million dollars, but for me times that by 20.

Lately I have been feeling quite down when it comes to my hair. I was in definite need of my treatment but also sick and tired of the same look. All I ever do is have it straight or in a bun and thats it. I never attempt any other hairstyle because i'm so afraid of it not suiting me or having people laugh or talk about me. I guess it comes from being bullied as a child. So last week I messaged Christina, voiced my concerns and she kindly sent me a few images of ideas of what we can do. After talking to her about it she always puts my mind at ease. Every woman knows how much they need to trust their hairdresser and well to me Christina is Mother Teressa. So like always after some consultation I left it in her hands and i am so pleased with the final result. Not only have i had my miracle treatment again but I have what is to me a brand new look and I am so happy with it.
Here is the aftermath after blocking two hoovers:

Christina has now moved to Essex but still comes and visits family in Preston and manages to squeeze me in everytime. This girl is an absolute godsend. I honestly cannot thank her enough after what she has done for me and my confidence over the past few years. She lifts my spirits everytime I see her.

Have you got a favourite hairdresser? Any special treatments or products?
Natalie xx


  1. I sort of understand your struggle! My hair is extremely curly and, when I was a child, the knots I would get were horrendous. If it's not curly, it's a frizz bomb. Keratin treatments have helped me too!

    1. Yes totally Kaylyn! What products do you use on your hair? Do they have to be sulphate free like mine do? xx


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