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You Just Can't Beat Kiehl's

What's so special about Kiehl's you ask? IT WORKS! Plain and simple.

I have never known a brand to take so much care and time in creating each and every product. So whats so special about their products? 
Let's start with the science behind them. Every product is made with natural ingredients and goodness which can only help our skin. It was about a year ago now when I first discovered Kiehl's products after watching Em Sheldon talk about her favourite products from the brand. I then took myself off and into the Kiehl's store in Belfast. The girls were absolutely lovely and couldn't be more helpful, Just like every employee of Kiehl's that i've met so far. Kiehl's soon became one of my favourite skincare brands, maybe even my favourite. (and I don't say that lightly). I cannot recommend this brand enough. Since using the products I have noticed such a difference in my skin texture and the look of my skin. Unbelieveable! 

When I visited the store they suggested I have a skin consultation as it was my first time using the products, also to make sure I bought products that were designed to help the problems in my skin. I soon discovered that I had extremely dehydrated skin, which I presume I had from not having a proper skincare routine. Before I knew it I had about 6 products lined up infront of me, all of which I had no clue about. They kindly went through each product, suggested the best way to apply it and the benefits that it would give my skin. I couldn't believe on what I was missing out on. Here is my full skincare routine with each product and the goodness that it provides.

Purifying Foaming Cleanser

Even with the cleanser I had so many options to choose from. Did I want a cleanser to use with water? One that didn't need water? I was gobsmacked. Being the girl that literally splashed her face with water and that was it, I didn't know what I wanted lol. Eventually I decided i'd go with this cleanser which you use with water. They explained that the cleanser you choose is as important as every other stage in your routine as to what makes the difference with your skin. So long as you have a clean sheet then this is the start to creating the masterpiece. This cleanser has Glycerin, white Birch and Peony included which helps replenish the skin and give it a fresh clean feel, ready for the next stage. I love this cleanser as I feel it gets into every pore on my face and gives it a thorough cleanse. I would love to give another cleanser a go though. 

Ultra Facial Toner

I cannot speak about this toner enough. Yes I know a toner! This product is like milk that glides all over your skin. After using this I don't think I could go back to using a water like toner. I love the thickness of the product, I just know its working. This toner also contains glycerin which is a natural ingredient. It also contains Avacado Oil and Vitamin E which are full of goodness. I just pour a drop on to a cotton pad and rub it all over my face which then prepares me for my serum. 

Hydro-Plumping Re-Texturizing Serum Concentrate

Where do I go next?. I was handed this 'long named' serum. Serum? I'd never even heard of serum before. I felt like i'd lived under a stone for years. They told that this serum will help restore my tired looking skin whilst also smoothing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. WRINKLES?? I was scared! I soon learnt its never too early to start with anti ageing products. After using this for a while now i cannot miss this out of my routine. As soon as it hits the skin, the smoothness is unbelievable. I love it. This serum is a thick gel formula which glides over the skin. A firm staple in my routine.

Daily Reviving Concentrate

Now to add some oil back into my skin.This concentrate is perfect for a daily oil to add in some more goodness and let the skin soak it all up. It is a very light oil which adds to the perfect base under make up. It's a blend of Ginger Root, Sunflower and Tamanu Oils which helps the look of tired skin. Exactly what I need in the mornings. It makes the skin feel so good and healthy every morning. Such a great product and perfect partner for my next product...

Midnight Recovery Concentrate

I'm sure you've heard more than enough about this product all over the internet. It is a staple product in a lot of women's evening skincare routine. I can totally understand why. This nighttime oil is a godsend. An excellent quote from Em Sheldon "This is 8 hours sleep in a bottle". and thats exactly what it is. As this has so much goodness in it and is a much heavier oil there is no need for a moisturiser after. Its absolute perfection. I put 2-3 drops in the palm of my hands and pat it into the skin before I go to bed. Overnight it performs miracles, and that is no word of  a lie. Its absolutely unreal. I wake up and my skin looks like i've had a full nights sleep, which is perfect for people like me who really struggle with sleeping. I cannot get enough of this product and is definitely my favourite product by far out of Kiehl's whole range. They hit the nail on the head with this. If you don't buy anything else of Kiehl's please just go and buy this one product and I promise you it will change your life. (a very bold statement, but a true one). Perfection in a bottle.

Ultra Facial Deep Moisture Balm

The goodness beams out of this moisturiser. It is such a thick cream that you can feel it working into your skin. I will admit the scent of this isn't my favourite, though for all the goodness it does I can look past that. The texture of this is extremely creamy with a heavy feel on the skin, though I do love this. The product is enriched with Edelweiss flower extract which gives it its scent and richness. A great daily moisturiser if your having a no make up day or perfect for a relaxing pamper evening. 

Who knew Kiehl's also provided the world with more than just skincare. I think this may have been my most exciting discovery of late 2016. I had previously seen the products when I visited the store however my skincare was my main priority at this point. Again Em Sheldon (I swear i'm not a stalker) recommended some of their other products in one of her latest videos which i'll link below. So I have a couple of samples here that i've tried but I cannot wait to visit a Kiehl's store again and go mad. God help the store assistant that day!

Ultimate Strength Hand Salve

It was actually a close friend who first recommended this so whilst stocking up on my skincare I grabbed a sample of this hand cream. BAD IDEA! Why did I not buy the full size? ITS KIEHLS afterall! Of course its going to work. Working as a carer, using disposable gloves constantly and washing your hands really takes its toll on them. My hands previously got into a real bad state where they were so dry the skin was peeling, they were so painful in the cold or in water, it was awful. So my friend gave me her hand cream to try out and WOW within seconds my hands felt so unbelievably soft and calming. My hands have got considerably better since using this cream and continue to do so. I use this every morning and evening as part of my skincare routine and I also threw it into my handbag a few times. The sample sizes are perfect for on the go use. After using up all of my sample size I am in desperate need to grab another and fast!   

Gently Exfoliating Body Scrub 

I have my scrub in lavendar, perfect for those pamper evenings before pulling on my jammies and hoping into bed. This scrub is so gentle because the formula is more like a cream just with mini beads throughout. The smell is amazing. I love using this after the gym to help me wine down. It gets rid of all the dirt, dry skin and leaves the skin looking fresh and polished, without having to really scrub at your skin. An all round beautiful product.

Well thats my round up of my Kiehls' products so far. Don't worry though because you will see a lot more of Kiehl's on my blog. I just cannot get enough of this brand. Like I said before IT WORKS. Every product is designed for that certain problem area or certain part of the body. I cannot wait to try out all their other products including hair care, lip care and a lot more bath products. Exciting things to come!

Here's Em Sheldons' links if you fancy taking a look at her blog/youtube. 
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Do you have any of the Kiehl's range? What are your favourite products by them? Leave any links below for me to have a nosey :) 
Natalie xx

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