Wednesday, 15 February 2017

The Wet Brush

I know, i'm late to the party.
This is such a cult favourite by many bloggers all over the world. I first discovered the wet brush in New York in Ricky's and after seeing so many bloggers use it I knew I had to have one. What a surprise this was. I thought how can a brush make so much difference? A brush is a brush right? WRONG! Unless you go out and buy one you will not believe the difference it makes.

We all know your not meant to brush your hair when its wet right? As it creates split ends?. Well once again we're wrong. This brush is designed to through wet hair (yes i know the clue is in the name) This is designed with thin bristles so it doesn't tug or pull on the hair strands which then leads to split ends. The wet brush bristles are also designed to massage your scalp and stimulate the circulation. The bristles are firm enough to get through any head of hair including my thick mop. I cannot tell you how great this brush is. It glides through the hair, unknotting anting that gets in its way.

For us picky girls it comes in a range of colours too which you can buy from many online retailers such as beauty bay for just £12. Trust me its worth it guys!

Have you tried the wet brush? let me know what you think of it.
Natalie xx

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