Monday, 13 February 2017

Skincare Favourites from Elemis

Hello everyone!! For my initial blog post it was hard to decide what to write about first. I just couldn't make that choice as there is so much I want to talk about on this blog and write about. After much consideration I decided to start at the very beginning and one of the topics I love most which is skincare, and one of my forever favourite brands Elemis. Every product they make comes with a scent and feel of heaven surrounding it.
For my birthday this year I received a lovely white leather case with what can only be described as some of the most luxurious products inside. I couldn't wait to trial some of their most loved products and see if they really are worth that little bit more money.

Pro Collagen Cleansing Balm  £40

This is the most soothing deep cleanser I have ever tried. It comes in a generous tub of 105g including a mini scoop as it is a thick gel like formula. As you place it on the skin you can feel it settling into the skin, gripping onto every part of it. It feels like a thick paste just sitting on your skin but the real magic happens when you wash it off. It washes off every last spot of make up and leaves your skin feeling the cleanest it can be and so luxurious. Its great for sensitive skin as my eyes would be extreemly dry and sensitive at times, yet this balm battles that and acts so gentle on my skin. You can also leave it on for an extra 10 mins to add that extra bit of moisture and use it as a face mask. Such a perfect product for us busy women. My favourite Elemis product by far.

Hydro-boost Day Cream  £39

Another favourite! This product is a lovely lightweight moisturiser with all benefits that a thick moisturiser has. The hyrolonic acid locks in all the moisture and is great when applying just before a primer. The product is a lovely white cream which such a soothing scent. Its one of those products that you know is worth the money. It leaves my skin feeling refreshed, hydrated, plumped and smoothed, all that in one product? It cant be right! Well it certainly is.

Hydro-Nourish Night Cream  £43

I have to say that in my personal opinion I am not a fan of lightweight moisturising night creams. I most deffinately prefer a thicker cream for night time, however this product proved that all lightweight moisturisers are not the same. I was pleasently suprised, it felt the exact same as a thicker cream once it was on my skin, magnifying all its benefits. It left my skin feeling revived and refreshed ready for the next day. It was actually the first product I used up out of this set, and I ended up loving it.

Pro Radience Cream Cleanser  £30

This is a lovely smooth thick cream that takes off all your make up and cleanses the skin thoroughly. I much prefer the pro collagen cleansing balm but this is a great alternative. It still does the job its meant to. My skin feels quite tight after using this which tells me that its done a great job. I'm not convinced that this would be ideal for sensitive skin, as i was quite worried when applying it around my eyes, although I had no problems with it. I use this once a week just to give my skin that extra boost of radience.

Fruit Active Rejuvenating Mask  £31

I can't say i'm in love as I don't think I have given it a fair chance yet. This mask is great however before a big night out as it helps by getting the skin looking glowing, refreshed and perfecting everything for that ideal base ready for make up. Its more like a thick cream formula therefore is not as heavy as a proper mask. Ideal for travel!

Have you tried any Elemis products? What are your favourites?

Love Natalie xx

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