Tuesday, 14 February 2017

My Top 5 Blogs Right Now!

We all love reading blogs right? So I thought why not tell you about a couple of my faves right now. All these girls are amazing at what they do and are all definately my inspirations right now.

As You Wish UK

Georgie is one of the nicest girls i've spoke to. I've tweeted her a few times now about different things to do with blogging and instead of ignoring me or replying sharply (which i've found with a couple of the well known bloggers) she has been so sweet and helpful in her messages which has really been nice to see coming from a new blogger. Especially when you have all these questions and you just feel like your annoying everyone when you keep asking, however this has not been the case with Georgie. Far from it. Her blog photos are incredible, I think this is what drew me in to begin with, not to mention her content. I enjoy reading every single post without a doubt. I couldn't get signed up to her subscribing list quick enough. Her blog its self is so instagramable. Georgie runs a beauty, travel and lifestyle blog. She reviews products like no other and her Lush hauls are quite popular and undoubtedly fires up the jealousy deep inside me. An amazing all round blog. Well Done Girl!

Em Sheldon

What I like about Em is that no matter how many followers, posts or likes she has, Em always replies to your tweets, comments when she can. In my opinion Em is one of the bigger bloggers that I follow but again that doesn't stop her from staying grounded. (From the way I talk you'd think we were besties but I can tell you all this even if it is only from contact over twitter) Her travel posts are what dreams are made of. I never knew I wanted to visit so many places in the world! Em has also recently started producing more fitness posts and videos. My god! HER BODY!! ( I say this as i'm currently tucked in to a family size bag of dairy milk) Em's body is goals! You've guessed it, after reading through these posts and watching her fitness videos I decided I should kick myself in the ass and get to the gym so I signed up and now follow her routines weekly and her gym kit outfits. So yeah thanks Em! Greatful of that boost!


Sophie Rosie

Sophie is one of my recently discovered bloggers. I think I started reading her blogs after seeing her pop up on my twitter every now and again and she has one of the profile pictures that makes me think, I wanna look like that. So I started reading her blog! ( not sure what I thought it would help me with) However I cant help but be grasped to every post. To me Sophie has recently started producing a lot more lifestyle posts, which I cannot tell you how greatful I am for. Sophie just seems to get me and know what i'm thinking without even knowing me at all. Her Instagram theme is amazing. She posts whatever she wants but manages to edit it with great skill, something i'm a tad jealous of. Go check Sophie out, you'll not be disappointed :)

Jasmine Talks Beauty

I have followed Jasmine for quite some time now and Jasmine has done an amazing job of designing her photos in a way that if your scrolling through twitter or instagram you just know its her without looking at the name. I just know its Jasmines post. Something I most deffinately aspire to. Jasmine is one of the greatest beauty bloggers I know and follow. Her posts are amazing and so factual. The way Jasmine writes a review is truely great.  If Jasmine recommends it, you buy it. She is so consistant with her posts which I love as i'm always there checking back and waiting on the next. Her blog page is so easy to navigate I find myself about 8 posts deep everytime I visit. I often find myself wondering about her make up collection too, how amazing it would be to own all those products however I understand a lot of time and money has been spent building that collection of products. Thank you for producing such a wonderful blog Jasmine. :)

Beth Norton

Beth is one of them girls that is just good at everything. I have to say I prefer to follow Beth on social media especially snapchat. Beth is one of the funniest girls around. If she's not at a meeting, she's diving into food or a glass of wine. (What a great friend she would make). Beth's posts range from beauty to lifestyle and when she uploaded the post about her body confidence after being so insecure for a so long I couldn't have been happier. (  http://bethnorton.co.uk/how-to-feel-comfortable-in-your-own-skin/  ). This is what I mean by following her through social media outlets you feel like you know her so well. Beth has also recently started posting about fitness which again gave me that kick up the ass, cheers Beth! Her instagram is full of gorgeous shots of herself and her life. So get following people!


I really hope you enjoyed this post. What are your favourite blogs at the minute? Who is your Inspiration?

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