Monday, 27 February 2017

My Fitness Journey - The Beginning

*excuse the bad photos they were taken on my phone

Hey pals! Did I ever think I would be writing a post about Fitness? Ever? No! For the blog? No! If you knew me even 3 years ago you would have laughed when I mentioned the gym. Jees, I'd even laugh myself. But hey ho here we are.

When I first started this blog last month I knew it was going to be all about beauty and skincare because guess what i'm addicted, (we know Natalie) but what I didn't know is that fitness was soon going to become a big part of my life.
We all know I moved back from Belfast last month after 10 years due to my mental health taking a turn for the worst and one of my escape routes was exercise. I first joined a gym back in Belfast with my boyfriend Ryan because it would pretty much be the only thing we did together as a couple due to work schedules and family commitments. I soon realised I enjoyed going to the gym *insert shocked face emoji. Who is this girl?. I started off with a little help from Ryan creating a routine and soon I was pretty much a regular at the gym. Fast forward a few months and now i'm in Preston, back with my family and no job. Once again the mental health took a turn. So I got off my ass and joined a gym. I am a proud member of Total Fitness in Preston, I love it because I feel it has absolutely everything you could think of. Weights, machines, swimming, table tennis and yes of course a cafe! Don't forget the spa-like changing rooms. Its a dream.

Since joining i've started to take fitness a lot more seriously. Its definitely a large part of my life now. I try to go 5 times a week but feel like crap on my 2 days rest. I've done countless research on Youtube and Instagram but my main inspiration is Carly Rowena. Carly is a fitness blogger and also a PT (yeah this girl has her work cut out). Even after all my research I am still struggling with what is right for me and my body. Yes I am a size 10 but my no means am I happy with my body. I know i'm not overweight but that doesn't mean I cant have targets or be unhappy with myself. I am more unhappy with myself and my body than you'll ever know. Another reason to hit the gym is the endorphins which your body releases that make us happy and guess what it actually bloody works. We all wanna look like a Victoria Secret model right? But we also know thats only ever going to be a dream. I know i'm never going to be a VS girl but I also know that what I want is achievable. I want to tone up and loose that little bit of weight also. That bit of flab that folds over the leggings every time or the 'pregnancy belly' that I have, it has to go! I also would love to become stronger. I'm not after a 6 pack or abs because thats just not me. I would just love to be healthy.

I wrote this post as I would really love some help with my fitness journey. I have emailed Carly a couple of times and i'm pretty sure she has enough to deal with, without me asking stupid questions, but we all have to start somewhere right?
We all have them few girls who we just wanna look like, weather it be their tanned skin, stunning hair styles or unbelievable body. I feel ya girl! There's this one girl in my gym who I see every now and again and I just think I wanna be like you. She has an amazing figure. Then there's Carly who is like my celeb inspo. Jealousy is an awful thing girls. However I vow to let that jealousy be used as a power to force me to push myself. In no way am I fit or where I want to be on my fitness journey, my god I can just about lift a kettlebell let alone do anything with it, but I have made a start and thats an amazing achievement for me.

I NEED YOU!!!!! Help me! Anything at all. healthy dinner reciepies, smoothies, workouts, accessories, or some sexy gym kit, whatever i am open to loads of new ideas. Or if theres someone who inspires you or that you love to binge watch fitness videos of, send em my way.

If you enjoyed this post and would like me to keep you updated with my fitness progress, let you know my favourite moves or anything regarding fitness and maybe I could go down a fitness path also then let me know in the comments.

Have you got any nice gym kit? Whats your favourite workout move?
Natalie xx


  1. If you like Carly you should check out Zanna Van Dijk on YouTube. She has an amazing book out too called Strong which helped me immensely! Perfect for beginners!


  2. So happy for you, I really need to start working out again.. especially having read this! haha. So happy I found your blog, you are doing amazing with it.. you go girl! x

    1. Thank you Adele. Unfortunately atm i've had to take a break as y mental health took another turn. I'm still doing some background work so i'll take a tour over to your blog. Thanks for your lovely comment :) x


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