Friday, 24 February 2017

Look Fantastic Does It Again

Over the past year I've tried a couple of beauty boxes, none of which came close to this one. Look Fantastic's beauty box is undoubtedly the queen of all beauty boxes. Each month the excitement I have over receiving this is unhealthy. It's like Christmas but every month.
Firstly can we please talk about the packaging of this. The actual box itself beautiful, the quality and standards this box is amazing compared to other beauty boxes i've received, where the box would melt within minutes if it was left outside in the rain for a while. Not to mention the colours and shine of this box...its just so inviting.
When I open the box I can't help but notice the quote on the inside of the lid. For an over thinker like myself, its a great little pick me up. Next we come to the unwrapping the beautifully matched coloured tissue paper. I can't help but put all of my concentration into opening this without ripping it. The satisfaction of not ripping this is so pleasing.Once everything is opened, the products are played out nicely so that every one of them is on show.Thats when the investigating begins.

Once again Look Fantastic have not let me down, the range of products is brilliant. The brands and quality of products that Look Fantastic are associated with is what makes this the absolute best beauty box i have ever received. Their brands range from high end to drugstore and their products include skincare, haircare, make up and everything in between.
This year so far the box has contained products from brands such as This Works, The Ordinary, and Pixi. All brands that i've been wanting to try now for a while. This is the ideal thing about Look Fantastic's beauty box, you are able to try out products and brands that you thought you could never afford, or products that always got pushed to the back of the queue on payday. The selection of brands are endless with Look Fantastic, not to mention the two free magazines you also get each month - the latest edition of Elle and Look Fantastic's very own beauty box magazine.

Sometimes the price of the beauty boxes are what put people off, I know I have been in the past. However with this beauty box there are three different subscriptions, all of which offer amazing prices:
The 3 month subscription works out at £13.33pm
The 6 month subscription works out at £12.50pm
The 12 month subscription works out at £11.25pm

All with free postage and packaging. Some people may be put off by the 12 month contract, in that case go for the 3 month one and see what you think. Though i can tell you now that you will not be disappointed and after only one month, I was sold.
The Look Fantastic beauty box is a great way of trying new products every month and not to mention the endless amount of offers they have on their website. Which you can find here at: I recommend this beauty box 110% so please sign up and give it a try. I promise you will not be disappointed.

What beauty box subscriptions have you tried? Any recommendations?
Natalie xx

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