Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Haircare Saviours from Moroccan Oil

It's definately been a while since we last spoke. How have you been? I took a week off to spend time back in Belfast with my bf and getting back into my gym routine. Oh my, have I missed the gym?! You forget how good you feel afterwards. Anyway todays post is all about my current shampoo and conditioner from Moroccan Oil. 

I LOVE this brand. All their products are sulphate free and parabon free which is exactly what I need after having my nano keratin treatment done. First a little history about my hair. I have always had thick curly hair with a bout 1000 flyaways. I hate it! I've have tried many treatments such as a brazillian blow dry which my hair got used to, I then tried a keritain treatment which my hair also got used to and now i'm trying out a nano keratin treatment which seems to be working so far. It's really just a smoothing treatment that also thins my hair slightly making it more manageable.
You can buy these products from many hair salons or online stores such as Look Fantastic or Feel Unique. At first I just bought the 250ml bottles for £16 each until I tried to see if my hair liked it. Now that i've realised its a perfect match for my hair I decided to ave a bit of money and buy the 500mls set which I got for slightly cheeper at £34 for both on Feel Unique where I also was able to throw a couple of samples in. I chose Emma Hardie's Morning Cleansing Balm and Vichy's Normaderm. I'll ket you know about them at a later date. The 500ml bottles come with a pump which I love so that i'm not wasting any product because I hate that when it gets round the lid and all slippery lol.

Moroccan Oil offer a wide range of shampoos such as curl, hydrate, moisture repair, extra volume and smoothing. My favourite's are hydrate and moisture repair. These two are just magnificent. They drown my hair in moisture whilst also smoothing and giving it a light shine. I also find that if I use a hair mask prior to shampooing such as coconut oil I don't need as much conditioner. We all know theres no way you can finish the shampoo and conditioner bottle at the same time, its impossible!

I also use the Moroccan Oil treatment which is a thick gel like formula and although most people run it through the ends of their hair, whereas I like to run it through all over because I think that this is what helps with my baby hairs and fly aways. This treatment leaves my hair feel extremely smooth and manageable. I received a small travel size bottle in my Look Fantastic beauty advent calendar which is perfect to take to the gym. I notice a hell of a lot if I havn't used this treatment. which is why I need it in my life. Moroccan Oil offer a range of hairsprays and masks which I am dying to try out because if they are even half as good as these 3 products then they'll be great.  

Have you ever tried anything from their range?
Natalie xx

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  1. I've never tried any of these products but oh my goodness they look fab! Definitely going to have to give them a sneaky purchase!




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