Tuesday, 14 February 2017

A Brush Cleanser Without Water?

*I was lucky enough to be sent this product by Beauty Essentials UK

Introducing Shadow Switch!

When I first received my Shadow Switch in the post I was quite excited. A new way to clean eye shadow brushes without water? How genius! 
When I first opened it I did have my doubts as to how this was going to work without a drop of water or baby shampoo! (A firm favourite of mine) Little did I know how amazed I was soon going to be.

All you do is open the tin, grab your eye shadow brush swirl it around in the tin and the product magically sticks to the foam, leaving you with a nice clean brush. Magic!


What I noticed first was that the amount of product that came off in the first few seconds, unbelievable. This is such an amazing product to have especially if your a make up artist and are using many eye shadows but only are able to transport one or two brushes. Also the ideal product for travelling with. A lot of the time when I travel I just take hand luggage and with that i'm only allowed liquids under 100mls and they have to be in a plastic bag. With this being a solid i've no need to worry and can easily take it in my hand luggage. Its compact and easy to use which makes this by far the handiest cleanser in my make up collection. Something that will not be seen outside my make up bag.


You can see in this picture the product which has caught to the sponge inside the tin.

Such a great invention, Perfect for us girls on the go. 

Have you ever tried something like this?
Natalie xx

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