Monday, 27 February 2017

My Fitness Journey - The Beginning

*excuse the bad photos they were taken on my phone

Hey pals! Did I ever think I would be writing a post about Fitness? Ever? No! For the blog? No! If you knew me even 3 years ago you would have laughed when I mentioned the gym. Jees, I'd even laugh myself. But hey ho here we are.

When I first started this blog last month I knew it was going to be all about beauty and skincare because guess what i'm addicted, (we know Natalie) but what I didn't know is that fitness was soon going to become a big part of my life.
We all know I moved back from Belfast last month after 10 years due to my mental health taking a turn for the worst and one of my escape routes was exercise. I first joined a gym back in Belfast with my boyfriend Ryan because it would pretty much be the only thing we did together as a couple due to work schedules and family commitments. I soon realised I enjoyed going to the gym *insert shocked face emoji. Who is this girl?. I started off with a little help from Ryan creating a routine and soon I was pretty much a regular at the gym. Fast forward a few months and now i'm in Preston, back with my family and no job. Once again the mental health took a turn. So I got off my ass and joined a gym. I am a proud member of Total Fitness in Preston, I love it because I feel it has absolutely everything you could think of. Weights, machines, swimming, table tennis and yes of course a cafe! Don't forget the spa-like changing rooms. Its a dream.

Since joining i've started to take fitness a lot more seriously. Its definitely a large part of my life now. I try to go 5 times a week but feel like crap on my 2 days rest. I've done countless research on Youtube and Instagram but my main inspiration is Carly Rowena. Carly is a fitness blogger and also a PT (yeah this girl has her work cut out). Even after all my research I am still struggling with what is right for me and my body. Yes I am a size 10 but my no means am I happy with my body. I know i'm not overweight but that doesn't mean I cant have targets or be unhappy with myself. I am more unhappy with myself and my body than you'll ever know. Another reason to hit the gym is the endorphins which your body releases that make us happy and guess what it actually bloody works. We all wanna look like a Victoria Secret model right? But we also know thats only ever going to be a dream. I know i'm never going to be a VS girl but I also know that what I want is achievable. I want to tone up and loose that little bit of weight also. That bit of flab that folds over the leggings every time or the 'pregnancy belly' that I have, it has to go! I also would love to become stronger. I'm not after a 6 pack or abs because thats just not me. I would just love to be healthy.

I wrote this post as I would really love some help with my fitness journey. I have emailed Carly a couple of times and i'm pretty sure she has enough to deal with, without me asking stupid questions, but we all have to start somewhere right?
We all have them few girls who we just wanna look like, weather it be their tanned skin, stunning hair styles or unbelievable body. I feel ya girl! There's this one girl in my gym who I see every now and again and I just think I wanna be like you. She has an amazing figure. Then there's Carly who is like my celeb inspo. Jealousy is an awful thing girls. However I vow to let that jealousy be used as a power to force me to push myself. In no way am I fit or where I want to be on my fitness journey, my god I can just about lift a kettlebell let alone do anything with it, but I have made a start and thats an amazing achievement for me.

I NEED YOU!!!!! Help me! Anything at all. healthy dinner reciepies, smoothies, workouts, accessories, or some sexy gym kit, whatever i am open to loads of new ideas. Or if theres someone who inspires you or that you love to binge watch fitness videos of, send em my way.

If you enjoyed this post and would like me to keep you updated with my fitness progress, let you know my favourite moves or anything regarding fitness and maybe I could go down a fitness path also then let me know in the comments.

Have you got any nice gym kit? Whats your favourite workout move?
Natalie xx

Friday, 24 February 2017

Look Fantastic Does It Again

Over the past year I've tried a couple of beauty boxes, none of which came close to this one. Look Fantastic's beauty box is undoubtedly the queen of all beauty boxes. Each month the excitement I have over receiving this is unhealthy. It's like Christmas but every month.
Firstly can we please talk about the packaging of this. The actual box itself beautiful, the quality and standards this box is amazing compared to other beauty boxes i've received, where the box would melt within minutes if it was left outside in the rain for a while. Not to mention the colours and shine of this box...its just so inviting.
When I open the box I can't help but notice the quote on the inside of the lid. For an over thinker like myself, its a great little pick me up. Next we come to the unwrapping the beautifully matched coloured tissue paper. I can't help but put all of my concentration into opening this without ripping it. The satisfaction of not ripping this is so pleasing.Once everything is opened, the products are played out nicely so that every one of them is on show.Thats when the investigating begins.

Once again Look Fantastic have not let me down, the range of products is brilliant. The brands and quality of products that Look Fantastic are associated with is what makes this the absolute best beauty box i have ever received. Their brands range from high end to drugstore and their products include skincare, haircare, make up and everything in between.
This year so far the box has contained products from brands such as This Works, The Ordinary, and Pixi. All brands that i've been wanting to try now for a while. This is the ideal thing about Look Fantastic's beauty box, you are able to try out products and brands that you thought you could never afford, or products that always got pushed to the back of the queue on payday. The selection of brands are endless with Look Fantastic, not to mention the two free magazines you also get each month - the latest edition of Elle and Look Fantastic's very own beauty box magazine.

Sometimes the price of the beauty boxes are what put people off, I know I have been in the past. However with this beauty box there are three different subscriptions, all of which offer amazing prices:
The 3 month subscription works out at £13.33pm
The 6 month subscription works out at £12.50pm
The 12 month subscription works out at £11.25pm

All with free postage and packaging. Some people may be put off by the 12 month contract, in that case go for the 3 month one and see what you think. Though i can tell you now that you will not be disappointed and after only one month, I was sold.
The Look Fantastic beauty box is a great way of trying new products every month and not to mention the endless amount of offers they have on their website. Which you can find here at: I recommend this beauty box 110% so please sign up and give it a try. I promise you will not be disappointed.

What beauty box subscriptions have you tried? Any recommendations?
Natalie xx

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Elizabeth Arden's 8 Hour Cream

Another holy grail product in everyones beauty kit, no matter weather its your gran, your mum, a girl at work or your sister, everyone has head about this ultimate saviour.

The eight hour cream has many uses which is why it is so popular. It can be used as a lip balm, a lip mask, body cream, hand cream or for the ultimate moisture - an overnight face mask. This stuff is absolutely amazing. Not only does it moisturise and protect the skin, it can also soothe minor burns such as sunburn. 

The actual product is a thick gel like cream enriched with goodness. As soon as you apply this stuff you can feel it sinking in to each and every crack in the skin. even tho it claims to be fragrance free there is a slight scent which is not always a winner especially with my mum however if you can get passed it this product is a must for skincare and beauty. Elizabeth Arden is sold in many great stores such as Debenhams and Boots and also online at Feel Unique. The retail price of this is around the £20 mark or just over however you can always find a promo code for sites such as feel unique etc so always shop round. 

Have you tried this yet? What are your thoughts? 
Natalie xx

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Haircare Saviours from Moroccan Oil

It's definately been a while since we last spoke. How have you been? I took a week off to spend time back in Belfast with my bf and getting back into my gym routine. Oh my, have I missed the gym?! You forget how good you feel afterwards. Anyway todays post is all about my current shampoo and conditioner from Moroccan Oil. 

I LOVE this brand. All their products are sulphate free and parabon free which is exactly what I need after having my nano keratin treatment done. First a little history about my hair. I have always had thick curly hair with a bout 1000 flyaways. I hate it! I've have tried many treatments such as a brazillian blow dry which my hair got used to, I then tried a keritain treatment which my hair also got used to and now i'm trying out a nano keratin treatment which seems to be working so far. It's really just a smoothing treatment that also thins my hair slightly making it more manageable.
You can buy these products from many hair salons or online stores such as Look Fantastic or Feel Unique. At first I just bought the 250ml bottles for £16 each until I tried to see if my hair liked it. Now that i've realised its a perfect match for my hair I decided to ave a bit of money and buy the 500mls set which I got for slightly cheeper at £34 for both on Feel Unique where I also was able to throw a couple of samples in. I chose Emma Hardie's Morning Cleansing Balm and Vichy's Normaderm. I'll ket you know about them at a later date. The 500ml bottles come with a pump which I love so that i'm not wasting any product because I hate that when it gets round the lid and all slippery lol.

Moroccan Oil offer a wide range of shampoos such as curl, hydrate, moisture repair, extra volume and smoothing. My favourite's are hydrate and moisture repair. These two are just magnificent. They drown my hair in moisture whilst also smoothing and giving it a light shine. I also find that if I use a hair mask prior to shampooing such as coconut oil I don't need as much conditioner. We all know theres no way you can finish the shampoo and conditioner bottle at the same time, its impossible!

I also use the Moroccan Oil treatment which is a thick gel like formula and although most people run it through the ends of their hair, whereas I like to run it through all over because I think that this is what helps with my baby hairs and fly aways. This treatment leaves my hair feel extremely smooth and manageable. I received a small travel size bottle in my Look Fantastic beauty advent calendar which is perfect to take to the gym. I notice a hell of a lot if I havn't used this treatment. which is why I need it in my life. Moroccan Oil offer a range of hairsprays and masks which I am dying to try out because if they are even half as good as these 3 products then they'll be great.  

Have you ever tried anything from their range?
Natalie xx

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

The Wet Brush

I know, i'm late to the party.
This is such a cult favourite by many bloggers all over the world. I first discovered the wet brush in New York in Ricky's and after seeing so many bloggers use it I knew I had to have one. What a surprise this was. I thought how can a brush make so much difference? A brush is a brush right? WRONG! Unless you go out and buy one you will not believe the difference it makes.

We all know your not meant to brush your hair when its wet right? As it creates split ends?. Well once again we're wrong. This brush is designed to through wet hair (yes i know the clue is in the name) This is designed with thin bristles so it doesn't tug or pull on the hair strands which then leads to split ends. The wet brush bristles are also designed to massage your scalp and stimulate the circulation. The bristles are firm enough to get through any head of hair including my thick mop. I cannot tell you how great this brush is. It glides through the hair, unknotting anting that gets in its way.

For us picky girls it comes in a range of colours too which you can buy from many online retailers such as beauty bay for just £12. Trust me its worth it guys!

Have you tried the wet brush? let me know what you think of it.
Natalie xx

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

My Top 5 Blogs Right Now!

We all love reading blogs right? So I thought why not tell you about a couple of my faves right now. All these girls are amazing at what they do and are all definately my inspirations right now.

As You Wish UK

Georgie is one of the nicest girls i've spoke to. I've tweeted her a few times now about different things to do with blogging and instead of ignoring me or replying sharply (which i've found with a couple of the well known bloggers) she has been so sweet and helpful in her messages which has really been nice to see coming from a new blogger. Especially when you have all these questions and you just feel like your annoying everyone when you keep asking, however this has not been the case with Georgie. Far from it. Her blog photos are incredible, I think this is what drew me in to begin with, not to mention her content. I enjoy reading every single post without a doubt. I couldn't get signed up to her subscribing list quick enough. Her blog its self is so instagramable. Georgie runs a beauty, travel and lifestyle blog. She reviews products like no other and her Lush hauls are quite popular and undoubtedly fires up the jealousy deep inside me. An amazing all round blog. Well Done Girl!

Em Sheldon

What I like about Em is that no matter how many followers, posts or likes she has, Em always replies to your tweets, comments when she can. In my opinion Em is one of the bigger bloggers that I follow but again that doesn't stop her from staying grounded. (From the way I talk you'd think we were besties but I can tell you all this even if it is only from contact over twitter) Her travel posts are what dreams are made of. I never knew I wanted to visit so many places in the world! Em has also recently started producing more fitness posts and videos. My god! HER BODY!! ( I say this as i'm currently tucked in to a family size bag of dairy milk) Em's body is goals! You've guessed it, after reading through these posts and watching her fitness videos I decided I should kick myself in the ass and get to the gym so I signed up and now follow her routines weekly and her gym kit outfits. So yeah thanks Em! Greatful of that boost!


Sophie Rosie

Sophie is one of my recently discovered bloggers. I think I started reading her blogs after seeing her pop up on my twitter every now and again and she has one of the profile pictures that makes me think, I wanna look like that. So I started reading her blog! ( not sure what I thought it would help me with) However I cant help but be grasped to every post. To me Sophie has recently started producing a lot more lifestyle posts, which I cannot tell you how greatful I am for. Sophie just seems to get me and know what i'm thinking without even knowing me at all. Her Instagram theme is amazing. She posts whatever she wants but manages to edit it with great skill, something i'm a tad jealous of. Go check Sophie out, you'll not be disappointed :)

Jasmine Talks Beauty

I have followed Jasmine for quite some time now and Jasmine has done an amazing job of designing her photos in a way that if your scrolling through twitter or instagram you just know its her without looking at the name. I just know its Jasmines post. Something I most deffinately aspire to. Jasmine is one of the greatest beauty bloggers I know and follow. Her posts are amazing and so factual. The way Jasmine writes a review is truely great.  If Jasmine recommends it, you buy it. She is so consistant with her posts which I love as i'm always there checking back and waiting on the next. Her blog page is so easy to navigate I find myself about 8 posts deep everytime I visit. I often find myself wondering about her make up collection too, how amazing it would be to own all those products however I understand a lot of time and money has been spent building that collection of products. Thank you for producing such a wonderful blog Jasmine. :)

Beth Norton

Beth is one of them girls that is just good at everything. I have to say I prefer to follow Beth on social media especially snapchat. Beth is one of the funniest girls around. If she's not at a meeting, she's diving into food or a glass of wine. (What a great friend she would make). Beth's posts range from beauty to lifestyle and when she uploaded the post about her body confidence after being so insecure for a so long I couldn't have been happier. (  ). This is what I mean by following her through social media outlets you feel like you know her so well. Beth has also recently started posting about fitness which again gave me that kick up the ass, cheers Beth! Her instagram is full of gorgeous shots of herself and her life. So get following people!


I really hope you enjoyed this post. What are your favourite blogs at the minute? Who is your Inspiration?

A Brush Cleanser Without Water?

*I was lucky enough to be sent this product by Beauty Essentials UK

Introducing Shadow Switch!

When I first received my Shadow Switch in the post I was quite excited. A new way to clean eye shadow brushes without water? How genius! 
When I first opened it I did have my doubts as to how this was going to work without a drop of water or baby shampoo! (A firm favourite of mine) Little did I know how amazed I was soon going to be.

All you do is open the tin, grab your eye shadow brush swirl it around in the tin and the product magically sticks to the foam, leaving you with a nice clean brush. Magic!


What I noticed first was that the amount of product that came off in the first few seconds, unbelievable. This is such an amazing product to have especially if your a make up artist and are using many eye shadows but only are able to transport one or two brushes. Also the ideal product for travelling with. A lot of the time when I travel I just take hand luggage and with that i'm only allowed liquids under 100mls and they have to be in a plastic bag. With this being a solid i've no need to worry and can easily take it in my hand luggage. Its compact and easy to use which makes this by far the handiest cleanser in my make up collection. Something that will not be seen outside my make up bag.


You can see in this picture the product which has caught to the sponge inside the tin.

Such a great invention, Perfect for us girls on the go. 

Have you ever tried something like this?
Natalie xx

You Just Can't Beat Kiehl's

What's so special about Kiehl's you ask? IT WORKS! Plain and simple.

I have never known a brand to take so much care and time in creating each and every product. So whats so special about their products? 
Let's start with the science behind them. Every product is made with natural ingredients and goodness which can only help our skin. It was about a year ago now when I first discovered Kiehl's products after watching Em Sheldon talk about her favourite products from the brand. I then took myself off and into the Kiehl's store in Belfast. The girls were absolutely lovely and couldn't be more helpful, Just like every employee of Kiehl's that i've met so far. Kiehl's soon became one of my favourite skincare brands, maybe even my favourite. (and I don't say that lightly). I cannot recommend this brand enough. Since using the products I have noticed such a difference in my skin texture and the look of my skin. Unbelieveable! 

When I visited the store they suggested I have a skin consultation as it was my first time using the products, also to make sure I bought products that were designed to help the problems in my skin. I soon discovered that I had extremely dehydrated skin, which I presume I had from not having a proper skincare routine. Before I knew it I had about 6 products lined up infront of me, all of which I had no clue about. They kindly went through each product, suggested the best way to apply it and the benefits that it would give my skin. I couldn't believe on what I was missing out on. Here is my full skincare routine with each product and the goodness that it provides.

Purifying Foaming Cleanser

Even with the cleanser I had so many options to choose from. Did I want a cleanser to use with water? One that didn't need water? I was gobsmacked. Being the girl that literally splashed her face with water and that was it, I didn't know what I wanted lol. Eventually I decided i'd go with this cleanser which you use with water. They explained that the cleanser you choose is as important as every other stage in your routine as to what makes the difference with your skin. So long as you have a clean sheet then this is the start to creating the masterpiece. This cleanser has Glycerin, white Birch and Peony included which helps replenish the skin and give it a fresh clean feel, ready for the next stage. I love this cleanser as I feel it gets into every pore on my face and gives it a thorough cleanse. I would love to give another cleanser a go though. 

Ultra Facial Toner

I cannot speak about this toner enough. Yes I know a toner! This product is like milk that glides all over your skin. After using this I don't think I could go back to using a water like toner. I love the thickness of the product, I just know its working. This toner also contains glycerin which is a natural ingredient. It also contains Avacado Oil and Vitamin E which are full of goodness. I just pour a drop on to a cotton pad and rub it all over my face which then prepares me for my serum. 

Hydro-Plumping Re-Texturizing Serum Concentrate

Where do I go next?. I was handed this 'long named' serum. Serum? I'd never even heard of serum before. I felt like i'd lived under a stone for years. They told that this serum will help restore my tired looking skin whilst also smoothing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. WRINKLES?? I was scared! I soon learnt its never too early to start with anti ageing products. After using this for a while now i cannot miss this out of my routine. As soon as it hits the skin, the smoothness is unbelievable. I love it. This serum is a thick gel formula which glides over the skin. A firm staple in my routine.

Daily Reviving Concentrate

Now to add some oil back into my skin.This concentrate is perfect for a daily oil to add in some more goodness and let the skin soak it all up. It is a very light oil which adds to the perfect base under make up. It's a blend of Ginger Root, Sunflower and Tamanu Oils which helps the look of tired skin. Exactly what I need in the mornings. It makes the skin feel so good and healthy every morning. Such a great product and perfect partner for my next product...

Midnight Recovery Concentrate

I'm sure you've heard more than enough about this product all over the internet. It is a staple product in a lot of women's evening skincare routine. I can totally understand why. This nighttime oil is a godsend. An excellent quote from Em Sheldon "This is 8 hours sleep in a bottle". and thats exactly what it is. As this has so much goodness in it and is a much heavier oil there is no need for a moisturiser after. Its absolute perfection. I put 2-3 drops in the palm of my hands and pat it into the skin before I go to bed. Overnight it performs miracles, and that is no word of  a lie. Its absolutely unreal. I wake up and my skin looks like i've had a full nights sleep, which is perfect for people like me who really struggle with sleeping. I cannot get enough of this product and is definitely my favourite product by far out of Kiehl's whole range. They hit the nail on the head with this. If you don't buy anything else of Kiehl's please just go and buy this one product and I promise you it will change your life. (a very bold statement, but a true one). Perfection in a bottle.

Ultra Facial Deep Moisture Balm

The goodness beams out of this moisturiser. It is such a thick cream that you can feel it working into your skin. I will admit the scent of this isn't my favourite, though for all the goodness it does I can look past that. The texture of this is extremely creamy with a heavy feel on the skin, though I do love this. The product is enriched with Edelweiss flower extract which gives it its scent and richness. A great daily moisturiser if your having a no make up day or perfect for a relaxing pamper evening. 

Who knew Kiehl's also provided the world with more than just skincare. I think this may have been my most exciting discovery of late 2016. I had previously seen the products when I visited the store however my skincare was my main priority at this point. Again Em Sheldon (I swear i'm not a stalker) recommended some of their other products in one of her latest videos which i'll link below. So I have a couple of samples here that i've tried but I cannot wait to visit a Kiehl's store again and go mad. God help the store assistant that day!

Ultimate Strength Hand Salve

It was actually a close friend who first recommended this so whilst stocking up on my skincare I grabbed a sample of this hand cream. BAD IDEA! Why did I not buy the full size? ITS KIEHLS afterall! Of course its going to work. Working as a carer, using disposable gloves constantly and washing your hands really takes its toll on them. My hands previously got into a real bad state where they were so dry the skin was peeling, they were so painful in the cold or in water, it was awful. So my friend gave me her hand cream to try out and WOW within seconds my hands felt so unbelievably soft and calming. My hands have got considerably better since using this cream and continue to do so. I use this every morning and evening as part of my skincare routine and I also threw it into my handbag a few times. The sample sizes are perfect for on the go use. After using up all of my sample size I am in desperate need to grab another and fast!   

Gently Exfoliating Body Scrub 

I have my scrub in lavendar, perfect for those pamper evenings before pulling on my jammies and hoping into bed. This scrub is so gentle because the formula is more like a cream just with mini beads throughout. The smell is amazing. I love using this after the gym to help me wine down. It gets rid of all the dirt, dry skin and leaves the skin looking fresh and polished, without having to really scrub at your skin. An all round beautiful product.

Well thats my round up of my Kiehls' products so far. Don't worry though because you will see a lot more of Kiehl's on my blog. I just cannot get enough of this brand. Like I said before IT WORKS. Every product is designed for that certain problem area or certain part of the body. I cannot wait to try out all their other products including hair care, lip care and a lot more bath products. Exciting things to come!

Here's Em Sheldons' links if you fancy taking a look at her blog/youtube. 
Blog -
Youtube - EmShelx
Her favourite Kiehl's products - Best Kiehl's Products

Do you have any of the Kiehl's range? What are your favourite products by them? Leave any links below for me to have a nosey :) 
Natalie xx

Monday, 13 February 2017

Sephora Haul

How could I not have a Sephora haul within my first 5 posts on my new blog?, Impossible thats how!

I have visited New York twice now, once in April with my boyfriend and once in august with my family. Sephora is like a drug, once you visit once it becomes an addiction. I think I must have visited each and every Sephora in Manhattan and Soho at least twice when I was there.

As soon as I entered the revolving doors in times Square I just couldn't control myself, the colours, scent and business just added to the experience. I didn't know where to even start! Each make up brand has their own stand and then a separate area for skincare and fragrance. Then you reach what I like to call the isle of doom - the most dreaded aisle in the whole of the US. Its full of minis and travel sizes of all beauty and skincare at such affordable prices. No one can control themselves in that aisle! 

As it was my first time in New York all of my buys were cult beauty's. Many you will have seen over and over again on blogs and youtube, however here are my thoughts on them :) 

Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray

This is one of those staple items I knew I needed. Now I wonder how I ever did without it. This setting spray is unbelievable. It sets my make up for longer than I can imagine and also gives me that natural dewey finish. My make up could easily last a 24 hour day without even so much as a smudge. One of most favourite buys out of the whole haul.

Georgio Armani  Luminous Silk Foundation

The most flawless foundation I own. Not too thick but a great full coverage which lies on the skin perfectly. I apply this with both a beauty blender or a brush. Both give great results. It's weightless and projects such a flawless finish, who knew anyone could look like a Vogue model. This is perfect for going 'out out' as its staying power is great and has no SPF which means no flashback in those club photos. The ultimate foundation for a girls night out.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit - In That Glow

Before I bought this I wasn't a die hard lover of highlighting. I wasn't sure if it made me look cheap or like Sarah Ashcroft. Then this product changed all that. Its never off my face or out of my hand and now a firm staple in my make up bag. The pigmentation in each separate pan is unbelievable. I feel like I light up a room just with a single stroke on each cheek. I think its actually changed my life - no joke. I prefer to apply it with a fan brush and glide it over my cheek. Prosecco pop is deffinately a favourite for everyday.

Kat Von D Shade and Light Contour Pallet

I keep returning to this product. I have a love/hate relationship with it. I don't know if its because i'm still a newbie at contouring and probably not that great or because of the actual product. Its a powder formula which i find is easier to blend that a cream formula, so i think if i just stick with it i'll learn to love it.

Too Faced Born This Way Foundation

I really like this foundation. Its dewey, full coverage and has a great lasting power. I prefer to apply this with a brush rather than a beauty blender to assure that full coverage. Deffinately a recommendation and probably one of my favourite brands. 

Make Up Forever Ultra HD Foundation

My favourite foundation without a doubt! Its perfect for everyday wear. Its not cakey at all and lasts all day. It has a dewey finish which is such a selling point for people like me with dry and dehydrated skin. It has a build-able coverage but just 1 application is enough for me. Its one of those products that feels so light on the skin that you forget you have anything on. I cannot recommend this foundation enough. Thank you and well done Make Up Forever in creating such an amazing product. I just cannot wait to try more of their range.

Too Faced Melted Lipsticks in Chihuahua and Queen B

Wow! I was really disappointed with these. I love Too Faced products which is why I was really upset when I tried these. I found them very drying on the lips and as they dried off became patchy. Really not a fan, however i'm willing to give them another go!

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara

One of my most favourite mascaras. When I first tried this my heart actually stopped for a second. The volume and length that this product gave my lashes, I don’t even think there's actually words for it. I couldn't stop staring at my own lashes!!! One stroke is all you need. Such an unbelievable mascara. Definately another favourite from Too Faced.

Kat Von D Ever Lasting lipstick in Loilita 2

I think this may be my favourite matte liquid lip. Its anything but drying on my lips and wears well. Not to mention a lovely deep rose shade, perfect for that day to night look. A brilliant purchase.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Lipgloss in Butterscotch

This gloss gives a gorgeous sheen to anyones lips. Its a very thick consistency but has great lasting power and pigmentation. It's the perfect gloss for adding to a matte lip. I was very impressed wth this gloss and cannot wait to add to my collection.


Nars Blusher in Deep Throat

I really do like this blusher. my first ever purchase of a Nars product an i was in-undoubtedly impressed. The shade Deep Throat is a very deep rose colour and is very pinky toned. Great for a spot of colour to liven the cheeks. Very subtle but a gorgeous shade. Once again i've used this most days since April and you wouldn't even think i've used it at all, great amount of product in the pan.

Nars bronzer in Laguna

I do like the concept of this bronzer however I feel I need a different shade in it to try and fall in love with. Its great for dusting over my chest area and neck for  bronzed look whereas for my face I would love a lighter shade. 

Nars Creamy Concealer in Custard

Against a lot of reviews I have read about this product, I really do not like this concealer at all. Its very thick which makes it hard to blend and also creases easily. I was gutted with this concealer. Such a shame.

Kat Von D Tattoo Liner

A very disappointing product. Once again after reading so many reviews on this eye liner I had high hopes and thought it would be love at first sight however its quite the opposite. Its quite a dull black shade and I don't know why but the tip of this pen always hurts when I apply it to my lid - who knows. What a disappointment, deffinately not worth the money or the hype.

Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder

What a beauty favourite, loved by anyone and everyone. I had no excuse not to get this. After the first test with it I was sold. Perfect for setting make up and baking. It leaves that perfect flawless finish to the skin whilst helping to keep all make up in place. Now I don't know how I ever lived without it!

Too Faced Hangover Primer

Too faced you have won me over! what and outstanding product this is. Maybe the best primer in my eyes! My skin absolutely loves me for this product. The coconut infused primer means it has all the great skincare benefits along with being a great base for my make up. Its extremely hydrating and smells great which is always a plus. i have nothing else to say about this product only that i need another tube quick!

Make Up Forever Step 1 Primer 

Such a great primer if your skin isn't the best and is quite uneven. I wasn't sure i'd like this primer or not but after applying it for the first time I really do love this. It evens and smoothes out my skin and provides and all round flawless base for foundation. A perfect partner for the ultra hd foundation.
Urban decay Eye Primer Potion in Eden

This product is a great size for travelling and does exactly what it says on the tube. I don't wear a great load of eyeshadow but when the situation arrises that I do, I always reach for this. It doesn't crease on the skin and creates a perfect base for any eye look. The applicator is perfect and so easy to use.

Benefit They're Real Mascara

Another hype product, which i'm late to the party with. A great all round everyday mascara. This mascara works wonders for lengthening and volumising for an everyday look. Perfect for a day to night look. A great go to mascara or one for starting out when building a make up collection.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Gel in Granite   

I have to be honest I much prefer my Maybelline brow gel. This really doesn't do anything for me. Sorry guys

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade in Medium Brown

Oh yes another staple item. This product helps me shape my brows like no other. As it is a pomade it allows you to style your own brows however you like, wether they be thick or thin. all whilst keeping a natural look. It comes in a range of shades. I bought mine in April and i've only just scratched the surface so you deffinately get your moneys worth with this product. 

Now can someone please just take me back to New York!!!

What are your cult favourites?
Natalie xx

Skincare Favourites from Elemis

Hello everyone!! For my initial blog post it was hard to decide what to write about first. I just couldn't make that choice as there is so much I want to talk about on this blog and write about. After much consideration I decided to start at the very beginning and one of the topics I love most which is skincare, and one of my forever favourite brands Elemis. Every product they make comes with a scent and feel of heaven surrounding it.
For my birthday this year I received a lovely white leather case with what can only be described as some of the most luxurious products inside. I couldn't wait to trial some of their most loved products and see if they really are worth that little bit more money.

Pro Collagen Cleansing Balm  £40

This is the most soothing deep cleanser I have ever tried. It comes in a generous tub of 105g including a mini scoop as it is a thick gel like formula. As you place it on the skin you can feel it settling into the skin, gripping onto every part of it. It feels like a thick paste just sitting on your skin but the real magic happens when you wash it off. It washes off every last spot of make up and leaves your skin feeling the cleanest it can be and so luxurious. Its great for sensitive skin as my eyes would be extreemly dry and sensitive at times, yet this balm battles that and acts so gentle on my skin. You can also leave it on for an extra 10 mins to add that extra bit of moisture and use it as a face mask. Such a perfect product for us busy women. My favourite Elemis product by far.

Hydro-boost Day Cream  £39

Another favourite! This product is a lovely lightweight moisturiser with all benefits that a thick moisturiser has. The hyrolonic acid locks in all the moisture and is great when applying just before a primer. The product is a lovely white cream which such a soothing scent. Its one of those products that you know is worth the money. It leaves my skin feeling refreshed, hydrated, plumped and smoothed, all that in one product? It cant be right! Well it certainly is.

Hydro-Nourish Night Cream  £43

I have to say that in my personal opinion I am not a fan of lightweight moisturising night creams. I most deffinately prefer a thicker cream for night time, however this product proved that all lightweight moisturisers are not the same. I was pleasently suprised, it felt the exact same as a thicker cream once it was on my skin, magnifying all its benefits. It left my skin feeling revived and refreshed ready for the next day. It was actually the first product I used up out of this set, and I ended up loving it.

Pro Radience Cream Cleanser  £30

This is a lovely smooth thick cream that takes off all your make up and cleanses the skin thoroughly. I much prefer the pro collagen cleansing balm but this is a great alternative. It still does the job its meant to. My skin feels quite tight after using this which tells me that its done a great job. I'm not convinced that this would be ideal for sensitive skin, as i was quite worried when applying it around my eyes, although I had no problems with it. I use this once a week just to give my skin that extra boost of radience.

Fruit Active Rejuvenating Mask  £31

I can't say i'm in love as I don't think I have given it a fair chance yet. This mask is great however before a big night out as it helps by getting the skin looking glowing, refreshed and perfecting everything for that ideal base ready for make up. Its more like a thick cream formula therefore is not as heavy as a proper mask. Ideal for travel!

Have you tried any Elemis products? What are your favourites?

Love Natalie xx
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