Monday, 10 July 2017

Sunday Catch Up - But On A Monday

Well hello there everyone, I'm sure you're wondering where I've been. So over the past 4 months I have been living in the 1920's. I've had NO WIFI!!! Obviously I can't afford to go and sit in Starbucks everyday so I just decided to have a complete break from technology and to be honest I quite enjoyed it. I also had a few mental health problems while I was away so I guess the timing worked our rather well. However whilst being away for so long I really missed the whole blogging scene. I've missed meeting new people through the Twitter chats or getting to know people on Instagram. I now feel like everyone has forgotten about me so this is a post to pretty much say
HELLO and I am back again haha. It's taking me a while to get through everything because I have missed so much so its going to be a while until I start posting again but please please please send me your links and start chatting to me again on twitter or come say hello. I have missed you all so much. I hope you all understand. Hopefully see you in a twitter chat or online soon.

Love Natalie xx

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Skin Update, HELP

Hello beauts. Now I know this wasn't planned or is in the schedule but I really need your help!
*Starts singing Ed...Oh i'm a mess right now.....

I am completely addicted to skincare, probably slightly more than makeup, but right now my skin is not playing ball. Does anyone else see all these skincare posts and get so overwhelmed about whats best and what works? So many girls swear by certain products or brands. I see so many products that I want to try but right now my skin is a mess. I don't know what it is but over the past few weeks its become so sensitive and i've now a couple of breakouts. After applying products my face started stinging and I honestly am not sure if thats normal or what.

I started trying out a new toner which I got in one of my beauty boxes and I love it. Its the Nuxe Gentle toner infused with rose petals and it seems to be the only thing that doesn't sting my face right now. My face is so pigmented at the min too. Like it becomes so red and sore. I just don't know what to try or whats best to do. I love Kiehl's and Elemis but i'm up for trying anything. I really could do with Caroline Hirons staying with me for a while haha I'm wondering do I need to start using products for sensitive skin? Anything thats infused with rose petals or rose water. I've always had such dry skin but obviously our skin changes over time.

I need a full new routine to get my skin back on track. Like I said the only two products I love at the min is the Nuxe toner and the Kiehl's avacado eye cream. Being a beauty blogger and the problems i've already had this week this is not what I need right now. I just want to get my skin back on track, get myself a routine going and then hopefully I can start reviewing products again.

I literally just want to scream after this week!!!! Please help! I just any tips and help possible.
Thank you so much in advance
Love Natalie xx


Sunday, 23 April 2017

Sunday Catch Up #4

Sooooo how gorgeous has it been this weekend? I love the sun! You could say i'm a complete sun worshiper. I just think it makes everyone so much happier and I definitely feel lifted. :)

So how have you all been this week? Unfortunately this week hasn't been the greatest for me. As you already probably know I have paid two visits to a&e this week. I strangely have no feeling in my lower left leg. After pulling a few shapes for the doctor, he thinks that one of the discs in my back is slightly twisted and is nipping a nerve which has dulled the sensation in my leg. I also have to go for an MRI scan to see what it shows and then hopefully they can help me. The pain in my back is constant and i'm not allowed to do any exercise until the MRI scan which isn't good, I can just see myself getting bigger gradually and then this adds to my mental health so unfortunately its a vicious circle at the moment. I'm also not allowed to sit with my legs crossed which again is extremely hard and I have to keep reminding myself lol. Otherwise i'm doing okay haha

I know this week has been a whirlwind and I havn't stuck to my schedule and to be honest i'm not sure I will this week either, although I will try my best. I don't know whats going on but I just seem to be all over the place atm, with my blog, my life, everything. I come home from work and I just have no time, by the time I get showered, have tea and sit down, i'm ready for bed. I miss taking part in twitter chats, i've so many blogs to read and catch up on. I just can't seem to get anything done or get myself into a routine. Add into that going to visit my granny every night too. I'm so close to my granny so I love going down most nights to see her.

To be honest as you could have guessed I havn't had a chance to watch a lot this week. I've literally just realised, whilst writing this, that sky have taken criminal minds off demand. What the hell do I do now??!!!!???? Theres a few things I need to watch on Netflix too. Has anyone watched 13 Reasons yet?

So sorry this post has been more of a rant than anything but its just a little update :)
If you have or know of any posts about managing routines please link them below. This week on the blog I have a skincare update and i'd love your help as i'm just in a bit of a mix up lol. Bloodyhell i'm not a very good blogger am I? I can't do much right now can I? lol Maybe I should just give up haha

Hope everyones okay :)
Love Natalie xx
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